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 Assessment and Initial Care of Burn Patients (905K)

 Domestic Violence: A Major Public Health Problem (70K)

 Emergency Vascular Access in Children (60K)

 Equipment for Ambulances (80K)

 Evaluation and Management of the Injured Child (179K)

 Evaluation of Abdominal Trauma (50K)

 Guidelines for Initial Evaluation of Urogenital Trauma (216K)

 Guidelines for Management of Amputated Parts (1047K)

 Initial Management of Maxillofacial Injuries (125K)

 Initial Management of Pelvic Fractures (80K)

 Interfacility Transfer of Injured Patients: Guidelines for Rural Communities (300K)

 Managing Life-Threatening Thoracic Injuries (60K)

 Management of Complex Extremity Trauma (125K)

 Management of Hand Injuries (330K)

 Management of Head Injury (20K)

 Management of the Mangled Extremity (45K)

 Management of Peripheral Vascular Trauma (740K)

 Management of Poisonous Snake Bites (290K)

 Management of Spinal Cord Injury (1471K)

 Management of the Airway (249 K)

 Prevention of Injuries (88K)

 Prevention of Thromboembolic Complications in Injured Patients (40K)

 Prophylaxis Against Tetanus in Wound Management (570K)

 Recognition of Physical Child Abuse (198K)

 Techniques of Helmet Removal from Injured Patients (175K)

 Thoracotomy in the Emergency Department (190K)

 Trauma Performance Improvement: A Reference Manual (1500K)