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Diabetes and Glucometer Education

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Prehospital Hypoglycemia The Safety of Not Transporting Treated Patients


Diabetic Evaluation and Examination 
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Topic: Prehospital Evaluation and Management of Diabetic Emergencies and Glucometer Training

Presenter:   Jason Carter, MD, MHSA, LP

Deputy Medical Director

Saginaw Valley Medical Control Authority

Date & Time: Available online from August 1, 2009 until July 31, 2010

Credit Category: Medical Specific Topic: Endocrine Emergencies

License Level: Paramedic / EMT/ First Responder

Time:      One Hour

Credits:   Pending

Format:    One hour PowerPoint® Lecture

Includes video of Glucometer Use

Objectives: The participant will:

Review the basics of diabetes including the different types

Relate the normal levels for blood glucose

Differentiate hyper- and hypoglycemia

Understand the causes, signs and symptoms and field treatments for hyper- and hypoglycemia

Review the use of the Bayer® Contour Glucometer

Outline for Lecture Presentation:

I. Introductions

II. Types of Diabetes

III. Capillary Blood Glucose Levels

IV. Hyperglycemia

V. Hypoglycemia

VI. Refusal after Treatment

VII.  Treatments

VIII.  Bayer® Contour Monitor Use

IX.  Summary

X. Review Questions

Student Evaluation Method:

Online Examination to be mailed to the Office of the Medical Director

Evaluation of Presentation:

Standard Program Evaluation form will be filled out by participants.

Rationale for Presentation:

First Responder agencies will be utilizing the Bayer® Contour Glucometer. This presentation is designed to assist in the training and familiarity of the new monitors. It also acts as a training video for EMT's and Paramedics in the system on the treatment and evaluation of diabetes.