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Prehospital Acute Stroke Assessment and Management

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Advance Notification by EMS in Acute Stroke

An Interventional Study to Improve Paramedic Diagnosis of Stroke

EMS Management of Acute Stroke

Nationwide Stroke Survey

Persistent Poststroke Hyperglycemia Associated with Worse Outcome



Stroke Evaluation and Examination 
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Topic: Prehospital Acute Stroke Assessment and Management

Presenter:   Jason Carter, MD, MHSA, LP

Deputy Medical Director

Saginaw Valley Medical Control Authority

Date & Time: Available online from August 1, 2009 until July 31, 2010

Credit Category: Medical Specific Topic: Acute Stroke

License Level: Paramedic / EMT/ First Responder

Time:      One-half Hour

Credits:   Pending

Format:    One-half hour PowerPoint Lecture

Objectives: The participant will:

Recognize the two major types of stroke

Identify the signs and symptoms of stroke

List the MPDS dispatch determinants for stroke

Understand the importance of a TIA

Gather the key vital signs in the stroke patient

Indicate the time frame for thrombolytic therapy

Use the Cincinnati Stroke Scale to identify suspected stroke victims

Explain the importance of notification of the receiving hospital in suspected acute stroke

Outline for Lecture Presentation:

I. Introductions

II. Knowledge Base

III. Two types of stroke

IV. Transient Ischemic Attack

V. Patient Evaluation

VI. Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale

VII.  Neurological Assessment Skills

VIII.  Identification of Immediate Life Threats

IX.  Prehospital Hypertension Management in Stroke

X. Mobilize ED Response

XI.  Thrombolytics in Stroke

XII.  Summary

Student Evaluation Method:

Online Examination to be mailed to the Office of the Medical Director

Evaluation of Presentation:

Standard Program Evaluation form will be filled out by participants.

Rationale for Presentation:

Prehospital management of acute stroke is essential in the overall management and timely intervention. This presentation emphasizes the latest prehospital care and the prompt recognition of stroke to maximize the patient's chance at decreased morbidity and mortality.