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Step 2 CS Video #1

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Powerpoint Countdown Timer - use this every time you practice.

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Helpful hints:

  • I used First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CS

  • Use the Powerpoint timer I made during your practice sessions.

  • Make the practice sessions as real as possible, i.e., dress in your labcoat, have all the supplies at hand, find a partner who will help you with the cases, start the powerpoint timer, have the intro information on a piece of paper that you read before entering, knock on the door, after the encounter, immediately exit the room and walk over to a computer and type out your SOAP this for EVERY CASE! 

  • At the end of the case, go over the information in the First Aid book to make sure you hit all the points. Print off your results to make sure that your SOAP note contains the relevant information.

  • It's not enough for you to know the disease presentations and their differentials, you must know how to do all the elements of your history and physical exam and coach the patient in the time allotted.