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47-51 Gregory


7-10 Afzali

Blast Injuries -- Bishop

Pediatric Infectious Disease -- Hill

Violent Penetrating Trauma -- Dr. Moylan

Syncope -- Dr. Yunus

40-43 Malhotra

44-46 Christianson

Ortho -- Dr. Menapace

Acute Anemias -- Yandell

Things that make you go ZZZ -- Dr. Bazakis

Spinal Cord Disorders -- McCadie

Heart Failure -- Dr. Jundi

30-32 Kvamme

Organic Psychoses -- Clark

Acute Adrenal Insufficiency & Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia -- Dr. Elsholz


33-39 Smith

Ortho -- Dr. Menapace

Bites & Stings -- Sejiney

Cardiology & EKG's -- Mlejnek
April Exam:  22 Questions:  28-29 Clark; 30-32 Kvamme
 Pleural Effusions, et al (Malhotra); Psychoses (Clark); Ped Metabolic (Branch); Bites (Sejiney)

22-26 Panjwani

Ventricular Dysrhythmias -- Dr. Zhu

27 McCadie

Difficult Airway -- Kvamme

EMS Provider Levels -- Dr. Wagner

AV Blocks -- Dr. Jundi

Ortho -- Dr. Menapace

Pleural Effusions, Pneumo and Thoracostomy -- Malhotra
March Exam:  13 Questions:  22-26 Panjwani; 27 McCadie
Difficult Airway (Kvamme)

Thyrotoxic Crisis -- Dr. Lambert

Inservice Trauma Review -- Dr. Willy

February Exam:  16 Questions:  15-18 Nofziger; 19-21 Alghamdi
Drowning (Christianson); Endocrine (Afzali)

306-312 Branch

Pulmonary Inservice Review

Hematology -- Sabatino

Rapid Neuro Exam -- Dr. Greg Henry

Human Interaction -- Dr. Greg Henry

11-17 Mlejnek


Toxicology Review -- Dr. Bazakis

Drowning -- Christianson
January Exam:  23 Questions:  295-298 (Breece); 299-305 (Bishop); 306-312 (Branch); 11-14 (Mlejnek)
Hematology (Sabatino)

 288-294 -- Hill

Dislocations -- Weiss

Residency Formation -- Dr. White

Advanced Vent Management -- Dr. Mirza

295-298 -- Breece
295-298 Doc File


299-305 -- Bishop

273-274 -- Weiss

EKG -- Dr. Yunus
EKG -- Dr. Yunus

Contracts -- Dr. White

275-279 Tucker

Neuromuscular Disorders Minnihan
Tensilon Test  
Cogan's Lid Twitch 

EMS -- Dr. Wagner

Psychiatric Emergencies -- Dr. Ibrahim
November Exam:  27 Questions:  269-272 (Sejiney);  273-274 (Weiss);  275-279 (Tucker)
Palpitations (Mills);  CHI (Charlton);  Newborns (Panjwani); Neuromuscular (Minnihan)

259-266 Minnihan

EKG -- Dr. Zhu


267-268 Carter

Capnography Carter

Lawsuit Dr. McLean

Pediatric Myocarditis Dr. Stargardt

Negotiating for Success Dr. Strauss

Conflict Management Dr. Strauss

CNS Infections Alghamdi

269-272 Sejiney

Palpitations Mills

CHI and Med Clearance Charlton

Nightmares with Newborns Panjwani

Carotid Endarterectomy Dr. Alani
October Exam:  19 Questions:  259-266 (Minnihan);  267-268 (Carter)
Lightning (Gregory);  Capnography (Carter);  CNS (Alghamdi)

255-258 Yandell

Avoiding Errors in Critical Patients Tucker

EMS History Wagner

Neurosurgical Emergencies -- Dr. Schinco

Tox: Inhalants -- Dr. Bazakis

Lightning and Electrical Emergencies Gregory

Pediatric Sexual Assault -- Dr. Frederick
September Exam:  14 Questions:  255-258 (Yandell)
Acid Base (
Breece);  CVA (Smith);  Errors (Tucker)

Bundle Branch Blocks--Dr. Martin

245-250 Sabatino
Derm Quiz Sabatino

Job Searching -- Dr. Katz
Top Ten Markets -- Dr. Katz

251-254 Robinson

Crying Infant Robinson

Contracts -- Dr. Wood

Medico-legal Topics -- Dr. Wood


Ortho -- Dr. Menapace

Acute CVA Smith

Acid Base Breece

Antiplatelet Agents in Trauma -- Dr. Farber
August Exam: 16 Questions:  245-250 (Sabatino); 251-254 (Robinson)
Farm (Nofziger); Crying Infant (Robinson)

Farm Un-Safety Nofziger
July Exam:  don't worry, it's coming next month
Lecture Archives 2008-2009

Lecture Archives 2007-2008

Grand Rounds
09-24-09 Pediatric Sexual Assault Exam
Dr. Frederick
08-27-09 Antiplatelet Agents in Trauma
Dr. Farber
09-10-09 Neurological Emergencies
Dr. Schinco
06-04-09 Cardiac Emergencies for the Emergency Room
Dr. Martin
06-11-09  Evidence-based TIA
Dr. Glynn
05-14-09 The Limping Child
Dr. Wolfram
05-28-09 ACEP Update
Risk Management in Pediatric EM
Dr. Johnson
04-23-09 Medical Conditions Mimicking Drug Seeking Behavior
Dr. Bazakis
04-30-09 The Impaired Physician
Dr. Gehrke
03-05-09 Echo in the ED
Dr. Joseph Blair
03-26-09 Death Certificates
Dr. Cowling
12/11/08 Pediatric Elbow/Wrist Injuries
Dr. Deibel
01-09-09 Involuntary Psychiatric Hospitalization
Nancy Johnson
11/6 Getting Involved
Drs. Wagner & Cowling
12/4/08 Optho Emergencies
Dr. Collier
10/9 Hand Trauma(92MB)
Hand Trauma Slides
Dr. Barry
10/30 Pediatric Elbow Injuries
Dr. Deibel

8/28/08 Efficiency in the ED (86.2MB)

Efficiency Slides

Dr. Kaufman

9/25 EM Reimbursement(42.2MB)

EM Reimbursement Slides

Dr. Smith

6/19/08 Apparent Life Threatening Events

Dr. Outwater

8/7/08 Morbidly Obese

Dr. Satonik

5/29/08 Neonatal Emergencies

Dr. Elsholz

6/5/08 Organ & Tissue Donation

Dr. Jaggi

5/15/08 Tropical Medicine / Conflict Medicine

Dr. Cogbill

5/22/08 Penetrating Trauma

Dr. Griffin

4/24/08 Update on Laceration and Wound Care
Dr. Wagner

5/08/08 Vasopressors

Challenging Vent Cases

Dr. DeBlieux

03/27/08 Pediatric ECG

Dr. Zreik

4/10/08 STD's

Antibiotic Regimen Handout
Dr. Kogulan

02/07/08 Weekend Warrior
Dr. Cowling

03/06/08 Strep Throat...or not?

Dr. Vance

01/24/08 Acute Coronary Syndrome;

01/28/08 20 things to remember about AHA recommendations
Dr. Alkotob

01/31/08 Neurological Emergencies
Dr. Persyn
01/03/08 Natural Progression of Brain Injury
Dr. Duffy
01/17/08 Pediatric Sepsis
Dr. Salman
11/08/07 Pneumonia 
Dr. McLean
12/06/07 Bleeding Problems
  Dr. Arvinitis
Mosquito-borne Illnesses from CDC   11/01/07 Transfusion 101 
  Dr. Arvinitis  


Bradycardia treatment algorithm
GI bleed complication risk
Myocardial infarction probability (Goldman)
Rash diagnosis algorithm


Absolute Neutrophil Count
Alveolar-arterial oxygen gradient (A-a gradient)
Aminoglycoside clearance in females
Aminoglycoside clearance in males
Amylase fractional excretion
Anion gap
Basal Energy Expenditure for females
Basal Energy Expenditure for males
Blood alcohol concentration
Blood oxygen content
Body mass index
CSF IgG Index
Cardiac Output
Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion
Cerebrospinal white blood cell correction in traumatic lumbar puncture
Closing capacity
Corrected CSF Protein in Traumatic LP
Creatinine clearance
Estimated creatinine clearance for females
Estimated creatinine clearance for males
Factor IX dosing
Factor VIII dosing
Fahrenheit to celsius conversion
Free water deficit
Functional Residual Capacity
Ideal Body Weight Percentage for Females
Ideal Body Weight Percentage for Males
Ideal Body Weight for Females
Ideal Body Weight for Males
Inspiratory Capacity
Ionized calcium estimation
Kilograms to pounds conversion
Low Density Lipoprotein
Mean arterial pressure
Nasal cannula oxygen FiO2 estimation
Osmolar Clearance
Pounds to kilograms conversion
Predicted peak expiratory flow (PEF, peak flow) - females
Predicted peak expiratory flow (PEF, peak flow) - males
Pregnancy Wheel
Protein Catabolic Rate for Patients on Hemodialysis
Residual Renal Function in Patients on 3 times/week hemodialysis (mL/min)
Room air alveolar-arterial gradient (A-a gradient)
Serum osmolarity estimation
Sodium Deficit In Hyponatremia (Males)
Sodium Deficit In Hyponatremic Females (meq)
Sodium Excess In Hypernatremic Females (meq)
Sodium Excess In Hypernatremic Males (meq)
Sodium Fractional Excretion
Sodium bicarbonate replacement
Sodium correction in hyperglycemia

Decision rules

Ottawa ankle rules
Ottawa foot rules
Ottawa knee rules
Pittsburgh knee rule
TPA for acute stroke - indications/contraindications


Acetaminophen Toxicity Nomogram
Acid-base disturbance graph
Benign Positional Vertigo: Bedside Treatment
Diagnosis of Benign Positional Vertigo
Ibuprofen toxicity nomogram
Rule of nines for estimating percentage of body surface area burned in adults
Salicylate toxicity nomogram


Alvarado appendicitis score
Apache II score
Apgar score
Bleeding probability after TPA for MI
Cardiac arrest: likelihood of mortality and neurologic recovery
Community-acquired Pneumonia Mortality risk for adults
Coronary disease probability
Crotalid snakebite severity score
Croup score (pediatric)
Ectopic pregnancy risk
Geriatric depression scale (Koenig)
Glasgow Coma Scale
Mangled extremity severity score
Mini mental status exam
NIH Stroke Scale
Ranson's criteria for pancreatitis mortality prediction
Strep pharyngitis probability score
TWEAK alcoholism score
Trauma score for survival probability


Endocarditis Prophylaxis - Antibiotic Regimens
Endocarditis Prophylaxis - Which Cardiac Conditions Require It?
Endocarditis Prophylaxis - Which Procedures Require It?
Ethanol effects in non-alcoholics
Opioid Potency Comparison
Pediatric Resuscitation Equipment - Sizing by Age
Pediatric Vital Signs
Synovial Fluid Classification
Systemic Glucocorticoids Comparison