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EM Case Files 0001

61 y/o male with lower extremity pain

39 y/o male with right ankle pain

32 y/o male with right ear pain

32 y/o female with painful skin lesions

75 y/o male with progressive abdominal swelling

28 day-old female with breast swelling

59 y/o male with painful rash

85 y/o male with RUQ pain

54 y/o female with 4 week dry cough

81 y/o female with LUQ pain

33 y/o female with persistent infiltrates

47 y/o male c/o flea bites

51 y/o male with abnormal pre-op

40 y/o male with rapid heart rate

14 y/o female with right knee pain

86 y/o female with painful oral lesions and rash

40 y/o female with acute shortness of breath

85 y/o male with eye pain and swelling

19 y/o male skateboard injury

50 y/o male with cat bites

60 y/o male with chronic headaches

19 y/o male with overdose

5 month old male fall from mother's arms

82 y/o male with syncope

84 y/o female with chronic constipation

37 y/o male with wrist injury

70 y/o male with lower leg lesions

69 y/o male with right lower quadrant pain

51 y/o male with lip lesion



Addressing concerns of diabetic patient during examination:
S ight (annual eye examination)
U rine albumin
G lycosylated hemoglobin
A therosclerosis (aspirin and lipids; palpate arteries)
R educe weight (diet and exercise) and Remove footwear (monofilament testing; foot examination)