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One of, if not the most, helpful pieces of software for PDA

Diagnosaurus! gives thorough differential diagnosis for thousands of complaints and conditions. No clinical student should be without it. It's free, with registration. Do yourself a favor and use it every time you encounter a patient complaint; you'll be a superstar with differentials.

Internal Medicine

Stat Coder - includes Growth-BP, Cholesterol, Cardiac Clearance, Hypertension JNC-7 and GRACE.
MedCalc    Medical calculator includes Anion Gap, BMI, Cardiac Output, Dose Calculator, Henderson-Hasselbach, Osmotic gap, and RBC indices just to name a few. 

ABX Guide - Handheld Version of the Johns Hopkins POC-IT Antibiotic (ABX) Guide

Mini-Mental Status Exam -- Calculates MMSE includes diagrams


Pregnancy Wheel


ABG Pro    calculates ABG's

Paramedics / EMT's
Oxygen Tank Calculator -- Calculates the amount of time at a given flow rate with a given pressure left in your tank will last. Allows you to choose between D, E, M, and H cylinders.

Response Time Calculator -- Allows you to tap on the 'dispatch', 'arrive', 'enroute to hosptial' key which inserts the current time. Excellent for EMTs, Paramedics, and Flight Programs. Buttons can be renamed so they are applicable to your service type, for example change 'Enroute' to 'Lift Off', and so on.

InfusiCalc - Allows you to create your own database of commonly used drips and concentrations. Helps to quickly calculate a multitude of different outcomes such as mcg/kg/min, etc.

IV drip calculator - calculates IV drips